Asphalt and Concrete Plants


Over the past few years, Lintec-Ixon has launched a series of novelties in its line of Asphalt Plants, being a pioneer in the manufacture and introduction to the brazilian market of container plants, like the batch plant ones of 120 and 160 TPH, also of 40 TPH LX 4000C continuous plant.

Subsequently, the LX 5001 was launched, the only mobile plant complete with tankage integrated into the chassis, with a capacity of 50 TPH and extreme versatility that allows it to serve all types of projects.

Following the line of constant innovation in its equipment, from 2020 new concepts are introduced, such as: a more compact, efficient burner, with easy maintenance and that is prepared for the fuels available in the national market, implementation of even more controls and an electrical system for fine adjustment of the fuel burning temperature. All this while maintaining the ease and reliability already enshrined in the entire line.

Therefore, starting this year (2021), all plants that have already incorporated this constant evolution will adopt a new nomenclature, for example, the LX 8000 is renamed LX 8001, the LX 12000 becomes LX 12001 and this form for the other plants.

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LX 12000 is now LX 12001 LX 12000 is now LX 12001