Asphalt and Concrete Plants

Asphalt Plant LX 4000C

Asphalt Plant of 40 tph, containerized concept easy for transport and assembly in different regions or urban conglomerates. Foundation and loading ramp is not necessary.


Technical description:

- Main equipment in 01 40' HC container;

- 04 aggregates silos of 3m³ each one, with the aggregates load system (ALS);

- Individual dosing belt conveyor with load cels;

- Counterflow dryer with internal fins bolted fixing ring/body exclusive LINTEC-IXON;

- Burner with automatic actuation;

- External mixer type twin shaft;

- Drag slat elevator;

- Pulsating filtering system. High durability and low replacement cost;

- Ready mix silo (batcher);

- Full automatic control system by supervisory or manual;

- Tanking system standard 45.000 liters (30,000 L Bitumen + 15,000 L Fuel);

- Acclimatized control cabin.



- Asphalt Storage Silo;

- Container bitumen/fuel tank;

- Auxiliary equipments for aditives and filler;



- Flexible layout - no ramp necessary;

- Easily transportation by sea or land;

- Quicly assembly/disassembly;

- No foundation necessary;

- Suitable for quick works or maintenance for urban areas;



Budget request
  • Containerized Asphalt Plant - Work site
  • Containerized Asphalt Plant - Tank view
  • Containerized Asphalt Plant - Transport
  • Containerized Asphalt Plant - Layout
  • Asphalt Plant - work site
  • Containerized Bitumen/Fuel tank
  • Asphalt plant LX 4000C - Transportation mode
  • Asphalt plant LX 4000C - Snow