Asphalt and Concrete Plants


The LINTEC-IXON revolutionized the mobile concrete plant market with the release of CWM SMART. Concrete dosing plant with total mobility and silo with hydraulic system. Plant fully automated, which allows the emissions of wide range of reporting and remote access by the factory for verification failures, diagnosis or program updates. It is an equipment of easy operation and quick installation. It is not necessary to do foundation, area of support ensures stability in a soil properly leveled and compacted.

Technical characteristics:
- Nominal production capacity 50 to 60m³ / h;
- Aggregate silo with 04 compartments - total capacity of 40 m³;
- Weighing aggregates - 6m³;
- Individual discharge gate with drive by pneumatic cylinder;
- Inclined conveyor with discharge gate and scraper;
- Cement weighing system - 1500 kg,
- Control system totally automatic by supervisory/manual control;
- Water dosing system and additive by flow meter (standard) or by weighing (optional);
- Air compressor included;
- Mobile chassis and brake system semitrailer type;
- Command cabin with electrical panel and preparation for air-conditioning;
- Metallic silo with capacity of 50m³ (65 t) with hydraulic system;
- Installation of additional cement silos - optional.

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