Asphalt and Concrete Plants


Concrete rolled plant (RCC), base mix, soil and soil-cement (BGTC) are equipments used to production from cold mixers with or without addition of additives and cement. The exclusive LINTEC-IXON cement dosing system, makes sure a excellent precision in the dosage from this item, that it represents the higher cost into the process. They are plants completely automated, which enables wide range issuance of reports and remote access by the factory to check failures, diagnoses or program updates.

General technical data:

  • Capacity from 200 to 500 t/h;
  • Mobile chassis in girder structure “I”, with 02 axes;
  • Brake system, traffic signaling and homologated by Denatran (National Traffic Department);
  • 03 feed binS from 7,5m³ each one;
  • 03 dosing conveyor to transport aggregates with velocity variable control and individual weighing system;
  • Collecting conveyor with large width and “U” format, that maintains the material within the bed without the necessity of contention edges;
  • Inclined conveyor to transport the aggregates for the mixer with identical characteristics to the collecting;
  • Mixer type twin shaft with lung silo;
  • Water dosing system automated,
  • Additive dosing system automated (BGTC and CCR);
  • Cement weighing system synchronized, compound by 02 balances of flow (BGTC and CCR);
  • Screw feeder for cement dosage with variable speed;
  • Electrical panel for actuating motors;
  • Complete automation system with PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller) /supervisory.
Budget request
  • Base mix plant 300 tph
  • LX SCM Mixer 300
  • LX SCM Mixer 300