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Lintec-Ixon CC2000B present in great work of building Wind Farm

May, 18th, 2016.

The wind farm in Santa Vitória do Palmar - RS, scheduled to start operations in September this year, has help of Lintec-Ixon in concrete production from its towers.

In totally, will be 69 towers with 120 meters high each. The Iberobras Group, responsible for manufacturing the towers, is a company with a history of 30 years and recognized by a broad history of executed projects, being a reference in the construction sector, environmental engineering and services.

The project wind farm in Santa Vitória do Palmar provides the installed power capacity of 207MW, with turbines of 3 MW and 125 meter rotor diameter, which are one of the largest in Brazil.

The concrete mixer plant CC2000B is responsible for the production of ready-mix concrete for the towers of this great work, has a nominal production of 90m³/h. The constructive way of doser and mixing is containerized, with fully automated control system.

The equipment has an automatic monitoring system of excellent performance dosages of production and a high level of precision in view of control technology in the hard concrete provided for making the towers.

According to published by the Tribuna do Norte, the general director of Iberobras, Claudio Matias says that with the manufacture of the towers, the company expands its operations in the segment. "Our management team operates in the segment since 1999, with part of the first wind farms installed in Spain and Brazil" - says.

In view of the great advantages of using wind power, the construction of wind farms has been continuing growing in recent years (Lintec-Ixon has participated in the construction of many of them) and becomes an increasingly promising market. According to the Epoca magazine, the wind farms will be responsible for providing 11.5% of all energy in Brazil in 2024.

Models of Lintec-Ixon mixing plants ensure superior quality concrete production for this application. Practical, quick installation and easy operation, which the Lintec-Ixon proud to be part of, because it is a noble purpose - to generate clean and renewable energy.