Asphalt and Concrete Plants


Fixed concrete dosing plant type TO GO.

Nominal production capacity:
- Aggregate weigh hopper of 10m³;
- Aggregate control by the loader operator with visualization of the weight on the display;
- Aggregate weigh hopper with 04 load cells of 05t;
- Discharge gate with open/close by pneumatic cylinder;
- Conveyor with discharge chute and scraper;
- The receiving hopper of the cement bag splitter with manual dosing control, prepared to receive the kit weighing (optional);
- Cement silo 50m³ (optional);
- Dosage of water and additive for flowmeter (pattern) or by weighing;
- Water and additive control and programmed in the panel (automatic);
- Metallic silo with capacity of 80m³ (100t). Other quantities and capacities by request;
- Cement weighing system (5t) below the silo;
- Electric panel of command and operation;
- Manual operation control (standard). Automatic (optional).


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