Asphalt and Concrete Plants


Concrete dosing plant with aggregates weighing system. This plant is fully automated, which allows the emissions of wide range of reporting and remote access by the factory for verification of failures, diagnosis or program updates.

Technical characteristics:

- Nominal production capacity of 80m³/h;
- Aggregates feed bins with 04 compartments of 15m³ each one;
- Aggregates weighing by a weighing system below of aggregates bin that has capacity of 8 m³ each one;
- Gates with drive by pneumatic cylinder;
- Collecting conveyor with distinctive profile and large width, eliminating the need of a lateral restraint;
- Inclined conveyor to transport the aggregates with discharge chute and scraper;
- Water dosing system and additive by weighing;
- 1 to 5 Silos (verified the need) capacity of 80 m³ (100 t) and individual supporting structure (different capacities on request);
- 01 Cement weighing system (5 t);
- Electrical panel control and operation;
- Automation by monitoring supervisory system PCL (Programmable Logic Controller) / Manual control.

Budget request