Asphalt and Concrete Plants


Mobile concrete mixing plant compact. Developed to meet industries of precast and blocks, and applies where requirement of concrete of high quality and technological strict control are necessary. This plant has an additional advantage in relation to concrete dosing plants, in the reduce the use of cement, reaching a reduction of 5%. It is not necessary to do foundation, area of support ensures stability in a soil properly leveled and compacted.

Technical characteristics:
- Production of 7-20m³/h;
- Point of Load (aggregates) with height of 4.2m;
- Point of Load (ready mass) with height of 1.5m;
- Aggregates bin of 4 compartments of 5 m³(volume) each one;
- Aggregates weighing of 1500 kg;
- Cement weighing system of 250 kg;
- Water and additive dosage by flowmeter;
- Mixer type planetary;
- Silos for storage of cement - optional;
- With automation.

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